Sales & Marketing Strategy

Marketing without sales is like thunder without rain. will help you build an integrated strategy that can either launch a new business brand or maximise the return from an existing business whilst also identifying new opportunities in a target market.

We ensure your brand is in the right place at the right time across key channels that will provide the best return on investment. We focus on analysing on rates of conversion, improving average transaction values and net margins when reflecting on the contributions of both sales and marketing to generating revenues and gaining new business.

The Plan:

  • Agree business objectives and direction the sales and marketing strategies should support
  • Identify target market, demographic profiles, purchasing behaviour and competitors
  • Define the solution and range of services offered to customers
  • Agree on the position the company will occupy in the market
  • Do a competitor analysis to compare strengths and weaknesses and identify opportunities
  • Agree brand’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) relative to other companies and apply to strategy
  • Develop a plan to identify marketing objectives and align with sales objectives
  • Communicate the plan across all internal departments to ensure awareness
  • Identify key marketing channels, objective behind their use and how they will integrate
  • Ongoing review of the strategy to ensure it is aligned with sales activities and overall business objectives. Determine the objectives for each step of the individual campaigns, with specific goals for both sales and marketing

Campaigns can be tailor made to suit any brand or budget over a specific time line.

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