Do I need a Marketing Agency

Do I need a marketing agencyDo I need a Marketing Agency?

It’s a fundamental question that all business owners/managers will face at some stage of their business journey. A proper marketing function will ultimately decide whether a business is capable of sustainable growth or not.

To address this area properly you must first ask yourself a few important questions. Be honest with your self-appraisal; do a simple SWOT or SMART analysis of your company and the resources available.

What are your current marketing capabilities?

You might have a Masters Degree in Marketing from Oxford. You might never have opened a textbook. You might literally be held up all day and night with the general operations of your business. Everyone has a different experience and skill set to work from. They key is to identify what you can and can’t do in terms of time management or a skills gap.

Where are the skills gaps? Are they causing pain or missed opportunities?

Is there a graphic designer in house? Who can produce video for social media or promotion? Have you a digital marketing expert? Are you experienced in generating PR?

Most small to medium companies will have a core staff team to deliver the business product or service. Often they will attach marketing tasks to their defined job function (I.e sales, physical production, service delivery, logistics, accounting, admin) out of sheer necessity to plug the gaps in man power. While this may work in some cases the likelihood of the broad marketing knowledge in-house is probably rare while focus can be pulled from a staff members’ primary function.

Are you preventing your company from growth by failing to optimise marketing opportunities and channels? 

There is no point in having a product or service that is truly special if no one knows about it. While it is true that exceptional ideas or quality of service will generate a certain level of word of mouth, without a focused effort to generate a targeted audience through various mediums the likely hood of breakthrough is much lower.

No traffic=No Sales/No Enquiries

If you are at a point that you cannot effectively promote, don’t have the data. You have crossed a threshold where you could stifle your growth. It’s time to look at an agency

Why an agency as opposed to a staff member?

If you have a broad mix of marketing requirements it can be difficult to find one person to meet the full demands of your company. Think Digital, Production (Graphic Design Video), Social Media, Public Relations, Data Insights and you start to get a picture of what you may be facing. If you’re an overseas based brand looking to launch or further develop your existing business in Ireland you’re faced with having to keep up to speed with local industry knowledge, competitor activity, trade and media partners and all the local nuances that make a difference to successful trading and ROI.

A locally based agency can solve many of these challenges and save valuable resource on overheads. Simply engage the agency to plug the relevant skill sets, act as your advisor on promotions and digital infrastructure and then review their performance at your discretion.

When hiring a local agency partner you should have a number of aspects clear in your mind:

  • Scale Of Work: What you need done and on what basis (on-going, project or ad-hoc)
  • Budget: Cost of agency and promotional spend discussion.
  • Return on Investment: What constitutes a good ROI. Brand awareness, Sales Increase, Improved Marketing Database. Being realistic is important but you should challenge your agency to aspire to great results.

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