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Brexit & Doing Business in Ireland

Following the completion of a ratification process, the UK left the EU on Friday 31st January 2020. This decision has resulted in changes, both here in Ireland, for EU partners and for many UK companies who wish to continue doing business in Ireland and Europe. It is important that all businesses involved ensure they have put the necessary structures in place to minimise any potential negative impact Brexit may have on their business after the 31st December 2020.

Whether you are a local Irish business or a UK based company that wish to continue doing business in Ireland, you need to ensure you are “Brexit Compliant” in order to continue trading effectively after the 01st January 2021.

UK Travel & Leisure Brands Operating in Ireland – Post Brexit

A UK travel company established outside the European Union and carrying on business in Ireland can no longer obtain an Irish tour operator or travel agent’s licence. In order to be granted a CAR licence you must have an established trading entity in Ireland. This means having an Irish office base and some level of Irish staffing from 01st January 2021. 

If a company does not wish to apply for a CAR licence or become established in Ireland it must have effective security in place in respect of all travel inclusive packages offered for sale or sold to persons in Ireland. 

UK travel companies must notify the Irish Commission for Aviation Regulation before carrying on such business in Ireland. The Commission will notify the business when it has received sufficient information. If an insolvency occurs, the security in place will be used to protect affected passengers.

A trader facilitating linked travel arrangements established outside the EU but carrying on business in Ireland must provide evidence of security in respect of all linked travel arrangements offered for sale or sold by the business to persons in Ireland.  

UK travel companies must notify the Commission to that effect before carrying on such business in Ireland, and in particular, notify the Commission of the nature and amount of the security it has arranged. The Commission will notify the business when it has received sufficient information. 

Details on licensing requirements can be found on the Irish Commission for Aviation Regulation website at


Irish Revenue Requirements 

Irish registered companies with only UK resident directors will no longer be in compliance with the requirement to have a director resident in the European Economic Area (EEA). Companies in this position need to consider what they will do around the board of directors for their Irish company / companies after 01st January 2021 and the need for the EEA resident director?  

These Irish companies currently have 3 options: –

  1. Appoint a resident director – someone located in the EEA (following the exit of the UK from EU they are also no longer part of the EEA);
  2. Put a non-resident bond in place, the bond is to the value of €25,395 and must be for a period of 2 years. It then continues to be renewed unless to opt for one of the other options available. Costs for assisting with the Bond would be in the region of €2,500 which includes the bond premium; or
  3. Apply for a real and continuous certificate from the Revenue, this applies for companies that satisfies the Revenue that they have one or more economic activities that are being carried on in the State. This application involves a submission to Revenue setting out details of their links in Ireland to include number of employees, premises and last tax returns submitted.  Once obtained this is then filed on public record with the Irish Companies Registration Office.

Areas where Local Marketing can provide valuable support include:

  • Assisting & corresponding with CAR during the licence application process 
  • Providing your company with a cost effective local Irish office address 
  • Providing you with experienced support staff at Management, Marketing Strategy to suit your Irish business model
  • Provide a locally based Irish Director to satisfy Irish Revenue requirements  

Remember an Irish office base is within easy reach of the UK. We have no language barriers and once you are licensed to trade in Ireland your travel business will continue to have trading access to the entire European market. 

Irish SME’s 

The Irish Government has published a range of practical advice to help local businesses to prepare for Brexit. This latest information is hosted on the Government’s main website at 

If your business is struggling with Brexit challenges feel free to check out our SME support services at or email us at 

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