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Branding affects customer perceptions of your business. will develop your brand in Ireland, ensure it is aligned with your business objectives and consistently communicated across all key channels. A strong brand strategy should be linked to your overall business strategy and clearly portray the focus of your company in the Irish market place.

Many companies and organisations have a number of brands that require different strategies depending on the market they occupy. It is really important for a brand to be aware of their target audience. Brands that try to target “everybody” face very difficult challenges. Research shows that the best brands tend to focus on having a clearly defined target customer. The narrower the focus, the faster the growth. The more diverse the target audience, the more diluted and costly your marketing efforts can be.

Foreign brands often target the Irish market thinking the strategy they’ve used elsewhere can simply be “copied and pasted” to suit Ireland. This can lead to the brand tone of voice being unsuitable locally and result in a significant waste of valuable financial resources.

Companies that research the Irish audience and adopt a local tone of voice tend to grow faster and are more profitable. The team possess the local expertise you need to research and identify your Irish target client’s perspective and priorities. We will ensure your brand communicates in a language that resonates with the Irish market and lower the level of marketing risk associated with its development. will co-ordinate the development of your brands position in the Irish marketplace and ensure consumers identify with it by capturing the essence of your local mission statement.

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